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“Digital Transformation”

Wait –
What is “Digital Transformation”??

Digital Transformation is your ticket to revolutionizing your business. It’s about harnessing cutting-edge digital technology to supercharge your operations, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. Don’t just keep up – transform and thrive!

End to End Digital Transformation Services

Problems we solve

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Minimize Costs

Witness significant cost reductions and elevated service levels through our expert outsourcing solutions.

Accelerate Business Growth

Elevate your company from survival mode to major growth with our dynamic change management and business engineering

Onboard Top Candidates

Leverage our networks and recruitment expertise to on board candidates on our payroll.

Enhance IT Performance

Mitigate risks to your business integrity and elevate performance through our advanced IT solutions and service delivery.
"We drive a process where we seek out the ‘best of the best’ talent for clients, whilst finding new enriching roles for our highly skilled talent. In effect, we help both clients and candidates win the ‘war for talent’ in this growing, competitive, disruptive landscape."

Bally Binji - Managing Director

Persistence helped us achieve our recruitment goals under budget and faster than expected.Shaun Shulba - Evergreen Zen Group

Persistence is a leading boutique Digital Talent Recruitment agency, specializing in technology talent and our mission is to secure top tier talent for our clients, whilst finding new enriching roles for candidates, within the exciting realms of digital innovation.

Persistence is your End to End Digital Transformation Services Company

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