Do you have operational inefficiencies, but cant pinpoint where?

Do you want to increase sales revenues, but don’t know how?

Do you want to detect trends and make predictions to stay ahead of the competition?

Do you want to greater automation for improved business performance?

Data Analytics

What we do 

Truly analyze your business before you embark upon any business digital transformation journey, as data should be at the heart of all of your strategies, activities and operations. 

By leveraging the wealth of your internal data and customer big data across all platforms, companies can make informed decisions with confidence – the kind that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and a healthier bottom line.

Data based decision making will propel your business to new heights, as you detect trends and predictions that lead to innovation and market leadership, helping you to be more adaptable to an ever-changing commercial landscape. 

Work with our leading Data Engineering Teams and utilize our Data Analytics Solutions to make decisions with confidence and kick start your digital transformation journey. 

How do we do it 

Through our affiliate partners we operate on :

Qlik Data Platform 
Microsoft Power Platform 
Snowflake Data Platform

We offer the following services :

Data Analytics Solutions
Deep expertise in BI Solutions (Qlik Sense, QlikView, PowerBI, Tableau, Microsoft)

Predictive Analytics
Using Machine Learning and Azure Cloud Solutions.

Oracle ERP Solutions
End-to-end Oracle ERP solutions from Infrastructure to End-User.

Snowflake Services
Full data processing into Snowflake, running Snowflake ETL, Snow SQL, Snow Pipe.

Data Analytics