Bally Binji

Managing Director

Bally Binji

Bally Binji as Managing Director, brings with her a wealth of international technology and recruitment experience spanning over 24 years. As an Executive Professional with an MSc from Loughborough University, she has demonstrated exceptional expertise in both software sales and recruitment within the software sector. Bally's proven track record in software sales has provided a solid foundation for her success in driving recruitment efforts for the software industry. Her commitment to work, reliability, and organizational skills are complemented by a strong focus on customer satisfaction and achieving set goals. With Bally Binji as Managing Director, the company benefits from a seasoned professional who combines a profound understanding of the technology landscape with a passion for recruitment excellence, ultimately driving the organization's growth and success.

Who is she?

A true leader and coach, Bally is dedicated to fostering a positive team culture and engaging all employees in the pursuit of the company’s vision and strategic objectives. Her abilities extend to building and retaining top talent, ensuring the organization attracts individuals who are not only skilled but also aligned with its core values.


MSc.  Loughborough University


24 years in Tech 


12 years in Recruitment

Contact Me

Give me a call at +971 55 555 5555, email me at or fill out the contact form below for a callback.